Hi, I’m Kirsty! Most of the time*, I’m an illustrator, graphic designer and animator. I find it quite exciting being able to work in different ways, knowing that there’s a lot for me to explore. When it comes to execution, I always enjoy the technical and precise nature of actually creating it. Often, I don’t see myself as restricted to one style of working, but I like to be equipped for what a project might need.

*I say most of the time because sometimes, I’m also a baker.

I graduated from University of Sunderland in 2017, and in the following year, began working as a graphic designer at Concision. Illustration and animation became an integral part to many branding and web development projects which I was involved in. Also, as head of design, I took the lead on developing the design and brand identity for the app, Parent Scheme until March 2020.

I’m now freelancing as a designer, so feel free to contact me me if you have any ideas for a project or a simple chat!